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3D Printed Homes?

Curt Is Homes

I have a dream to end Canada’s housing crisis. I would like to start a not-for-profit company to 3d print housing.

This is my strategy, I would love any insight or help with this project to make it a reality.

Relationship Strategy

Customer relationships will be built by people looking to get a home built. The ideal customer will have a need for shelter and will be looking for a company to build their home. 

The salesperson will have a professional, friendly demeanor. At Curt Is Homes, the salespeople will play an integral part in our customer strategy. Carefully working with the customer over the phone and face-to-face to meet their specific purchasing requirements.

The salesperson will have a semi-formal appearance, ties are optional, and everyone that operates in each area will be able to dictate their appearance preference based on their geographical location. Big cities will most likely require tie and suit, while most small towns will require a more casual look.

The salesperson will have to use many different strategies to build their long-term relationship for repeats and referrals. The business will rely heavily on marketing to get the name out there and have people call in to request services.

The communication style will have to be friendly and professional, the product knowledge required from the selling agents will need to be extensive. Sales will be generated through a full consultation process.

Curt Is Homes will use a strategic selling alliance with different shipping companies to make sure the customer receives their product. Pairing with a trucking company means there will be more liability and customer service right up until the product is received. Building a win-win alliance with the customer will be the most effective way to sell homes.

Chart 1 Chart 1: Multiple-property owners own around 30% to 40% of the property stock
Multiple-property owners own around 30% to 40% of the property stock

Personal Selling Philosophy

The sales setting will be set up as a retail store with the production team on site as well. 3D printing offers a unique experience for people to view the entire production from start to finish. The best salesperson will have knowledge of the building process and how to highlight the advantages of purchasing a brand-new home.

The role of personal selling will be to obtain the needs of the customer and tailor their approach to highlight the features and benefits. The sales team will have to utilize face-to-face communication, either through digital means or physically meeting with the customers to ensure the selling process is successful. There will be an on-site display home, however appointments would have to be made to view the physical building. 

To help facilitate the selling process for the sales team there would be a virtual tour, and a fully interactive website. The customer would have the option to schedule appointments directly or sign up for some general information. The salespeople will have a good knowledge of the production of the homes, and all options available. There will be a training period and a test set up to make sure the salespeople have the knowledge to help the customers.

An effective sales team member will know how to navigate the website easily and demonstrate the key features of the tiny home. The right salesperson will know what the customer is looking for and have a list of options to discuss in detail with the customer. Their will be a full sheet of options to go through, ranging from what the homes are made from to how many bedrooms are required. The 3D technology will allow full customization from shape to size of the home, there will be options for different coatings to meet local safety standards.

Stats Canada
Around one-quarter of housing wealth held by top 10% of owners


Product Strategy

Curt Is Homes has a product first strategy. We offer a superior product paired with excellent customer service. Providing solutions to one of the most basic human elements, a home. Dealing with the public as well as private companies to assist with housing products. 

Tiny homes that are custom made to fit your needs are a relatively new concept to homes. The company works with customers from the design to the final installation. Curt Is Homes is partnered with a shipping company to assist with the delivery of the home. The supports are built right into the design of the building and hooking it up to the water and electrical system is a simple connection. The ideal solution will be that people can install their homes themselves or use one of the company’s experts. Curt Is Homes will employ electricians and plumbers on independent contracts. They will provide the customer with referrals or give them step by step instructions.

Every salesperson in the team will know all the options available, they will need to be product experts. Each salesperson will have to know the basics of the initial connection to assist customers that want to do it themselves. The customer will have the option of the salesperson coming to the site and helping with the installation for a premium that is negotiated with the purchaser and the salesperson. Travelling will be the salesperson’s choice and the negotiated premium paid will go right into the salespersons pocket. 

Curt Is Homes believes in the people it employs and has an extensive company culture policy. Everyone that works for the company has the same vision in mind, and the CEO is a strong communicator. There are weekly meetings to discuss sales strategies and provide updates on the success and failures of the company. An open communication will help achieve the best for the salespeople and the customer.

The salespeople would use a value-added and a price strategy. With your very own home fabricated at a fraction of the cost of a regular home. Adding value to your property and allowing you the freedom to create a home that will fulfill all your needs.

Stats Canada
Homeowners have around double the income of renters in selected CMAs and CAs

Customer Strategy

A typical buyer would be motivated by their need for shelter. A common element in all people is their need to live in their own space. A tiny home offers shelter and peace of mind, with new technologies your home’s carbon footprint will be tiny as well. People are realizing climate change effects everything they do, and with a home that reduces their carbon footprint they will be doing their part to help combat the everchanging landscape that is our environment.

I discovered my passion for creating solutions to people needing shelter when I almost became homeless myself. My family, like many other younger families across Canada must rent a home through a landlord. A landlord has the option to sell their home at any time and is not required to advise their tenant. If a purchaser wants to move into that house, they can give an eviction notice of sixty days. The housing market is getting unaffordable for many Canadians, and I believe that people would want to stand behind helping people have homes. 

Typical customers would be anyone that purchases a piece of land and wants to develop housing on it. A company might seek this product to fulfill a need for housing during seasonal working periods. An orchard might have a few of these homes and allow their workers to stay on site. Ski resorts that operate mainly in the winter and have limited accommodations will be able to house several people and give them their own space.


Charts were taken from Statistics Canada, all rights reserved.

Canadian Housing Statistics Program, 2019 and 2020