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What 3D Printing Company Makes the Best Blogs

When you think about it, a blog is an intimate look at a post, most are made simply for the copy writing to get done, and for marketing purposes. All blogs are not created equally and with time, depending on your preferences you will find the right blog for you. I have come across many blogs throughout the years about 3D printing, but which company does it best?

The top 4 Google Results are:

Going through each website will give you many different tutorials and personal experiences. Sometimes reading about a similar issue you are facing is really helpful when you are learning about 3D printing. When the time comes and you are great at 3D printing, using any machine you like and being able to dial down the details, some of these blogs may no longer be relevant. That being said, as technology keeps expanding in the 3D printing world, it’s always a good idea to see what is trending as there will always be something better.
Using a good google search will typically find you the best results for the answers that you need, however sometimes the algorithm pushes certain pages harder than others. I will often find myself reading one forum and getting distracted by another one, or thinking about something from one of the comments on the blog.

Whenever I want to find out what is trending I will look at Form Labs. The different blog pages are updated routinely, they give you advice and new technologies. I find their blogs are easy to read and contain a lot of good information, even when they are paid advertisements. The Form Labs team tends to focus on resin and SLS 3D printing.

Whenever I am overwhelmed by a problem and need help I go to Simplify 3D. The solutions to most of my FDM machines can be found here and the solution to the problem really gets broken down. The community of people running Simplify 3D are coherent and make the blogs enjoyable for all readers.

I go to cults3D for their database of files and makers. I will rarely read the blogs there because as soon as I open them I end up seeing an STL file that I want, and most of the time they do cost money. Which is good as the designers work really hard. Cults3D also has one of the quickest customer service if something goes wrong, and they try their best to deal with duplicates and rip-off designers.

I will use Nexa 3D for some of the best top ten lists for any machine. They focus on highlighting specific brands, and provide valuable feedback before making purchases. There is also a lot of information on the manufacturing and industrial aspect of 3D printers. The only downside to Nexa 3D is how it is organized, each blog has it’s own spot and there is pages and pages to scroll through, however each page only holds a handful of blogs so if you are just reading the headlines it will take a while to scroll through.

At the end of the day whenever you need to know something about 3D printing or you want to learn more about your desired machine, or the one you already have, 3D printing blogs will help you save time and research effectively. I use blogs more than I use google when researching, it’s important to find something to read and grow your craft. If you are passionate about 3D printing then every blog you read will have at least one golden nugget that makes the time spent there all worthwhile.